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MOBOT aims at developing a robotic mobility aid that provides intelligent and active walking/mobility assistance to elderly people, by supporting autonomous active control of the physical user-robot interaction, and enabling multimodal sensory processing and natural communication. The envisioned work plan for the project is divided into a number of logically distinct work packages.


  • WP1 – Multimodal Sensory Processing for Human Action Recognition

    Will be in charge of processing multimodal data to detect human actions based on low- and high-level information, and classifying them.

  • WP2 - Human Behaviour Analysis and Mobility Assistance Models

    Will acquire and annotate multi-sensory data of users and analyze the annotated sensory corpora to identify human behavioural patterns and to detect abnormalities.

  • WP3 – Proactive and Adaptive Context-Aware Robot Control

   Will implement behaviour-based intelligent control algorithms for the mobility assistant that support the user in a context and situation-adapted fashion: Low-level active compliance controllers and stabilizing controllers will be combined with high-level adaptive shared control and integrate functions of robot navigation and obstacle avoidance as well as combine embodied and verbal/nonverbal interaction.

  • WP4 – Mobility Aid Robot Platform and System Integration

    Will develop a hardware platform for the mobility aid and be in charge of integrating all software and hardware modules developed by other work packages.

  • WP5 – Specification of Use Cases, Performance Metrics and User Evaluation Studies

    Will investigate typical user requirements and user needs and formulate application and test scenarios as well as system evaluation performance and functionalities of the overall developed system in evaluation studies with users.

  • WP6 and WP7

    Are devoted to the management of the overall project as well as dissemination and exploitation of project results.








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